• We connect Cognitive, Affective and Social Neuroscience with organizational behavior
  • Accompany Change Management as Human Resources partners
  • We understand your business and we partner with results
  • We detect and enhance Talent
  • We guard Agile & Scrum processes with an Organizational Neuroscience approach
  • We develop a collaborative culture
  • We promote high-impact teams in R&D
  • We train through courses, workshops and seminars
  • We work with data analytics to measure and manage performance


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Transformational Leadership & NeuroManagement


people analytics

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We are a multidisciplinary team of Neuropsychologists and Human Resources Professionals who know how the cognitive processes of the brain directly impact emotions, behavior and organizational results.

Fernando Rivera
Lawyer specialized in Labor Law, University of Buenos Aires. International Certification in Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience, UMSA. PFAD – Senior Management, ESADE Business School. Member of the Council of International Liaison and the Council of Institutional Relations, UNitar – UN. Human Capital Advisor, Cifal Argentina – UN. Professional with more than 30 years of experience leading Human Resources teams

Silvia Figiacone
Graduate in Psychopedagogy, Universidad Católica Argentina. PhD in Psychology, University of Palermo. Director of NeuroEduca, Neuroscience applied to Education. Director of the Master’s Degree in Applied Neuropsychology of the University Institute of the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires. University professor in undergraduate and graduate degrees (UCA, USAL Campus Pilar, UF)

Ricardo Czikk
Degree in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires. MA in Education, The Hebrew University. Consultant in Organizational Development and Specialist in Evaluation of Potential according to the Theory of the Required Organization. University professor and writer of the specialty. More than 20 years of experience as a Corporate Development Manager

Esteban Mongiello
Degree in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires. Clinical psychologist. NeuroEduca Staff Member. Professor of the Master’s Degree in Applied Neuropsychology, Hospital Italiano. Professor of Diploma in Neuroscience Applied to Sports, Faculty of Medicine – University of Buenos Aires

Santiago Busso
Degree in Psychology, Universidad de Belgrano. MA in Cognitive Psychology, University of Buenos Aires. Master in Applied Neuropsychology, Italian Hospital. Human Resources Management Specialist by Competencies, Training & Development. Job performance in HR and Clinical Psychology. NeuroEduca Staff Member

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